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These scans were obtained from The Polish Capri Club page,, and posted here to make them more easily accessible to non-Polish speakers.

The Catalog sections are in PDF format, which can be downloaded and viewed with a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat.



A. Body Parts And Dashboard

A01. Body Items

A02. Floor

A03. Grille, Front Bumper, Bonnet

A04 - Body Front, Heating, Ventilation, Wiper And Washer Windshield

A05 - Dashboard And Related Parts

A06 - Front Door

A08 - Tailgate And Luggage

A09 - Body Back

A10 - Rear Belt, Rear Bumper

A11 - Roof

A12 - Floor Mats, Center Console, Insulation, Soundproofing

A13 - Seats, Rear Seat

B - Front Suspension

B01 - Arms, Stabilizer

B02 - Shock Absorbers And Springs

C - The Rear Axle Without Brakes

C01 - Rear Axle

C02 - Rear Suspension

D - Pedals And Components Related To

D01 - The Gas Pedal And Throttle

D02 - Brake And Clutch

D03 - Handbrake

E - Brakes And Wheels

E01 - Master Cylinder, Power Steering, Brake

E02 - Front Brakes

E03 - Rear Brakes

E04 - Wheels

F - Elements Associated With The Engine Attached To The Body

F01 - The Suspension Of The Engine And Gearbox

F02 - Cooling System

F03 - Fuel Supply System

F04 - Exhaust

H - Steering And Changing Gear

H01 - Steering Column, Steering Wheel

H02 - The Steering Gear, Steering Connections

H06 - The Gear Lever (Manual)

H07 - Gear Shift Lever (Automatic)

J - Electrician

J01 - Battery, Horn

J02 - Wiring Harness, Relays, Fuses

J03 - Front Lighting

J04 - Rear Lights

J05 - Additional Lighting

J06 - Installation Of Radio

Z - Accessories, Kits And Tools

Z01 - Floor Mats

Z02 - Accessories (All Models)

Z03 - Ancillary Kits - Outside The Car

Z04 - Ancillary Kits - Inside The Car

Z05 - Tools, Lift

Z06 - Maintenance, Seals, Lubrication

Z07 - Rs Accessories

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